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If Google has concerns about Credit Repair Services and Personal Loans, maybe you should too.

Posted by Brian Hallaq | May 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

Hi Folks,

So I got the following email from Google the other day regarding “ad words” that will be rejected because these industries have been related to scams:

In June 2022, Google will update the enforcement procedures for repeat violations with the addition of nine more policies in scope of the strike-base system. Google will begin implementing the strike-based system on June 21, 2022, with a gradual ramp up over a period of 3 months, for the following policies:


Compensated sexual acts


Mail-order brides




Misleading ad design


Bail bond services


Call directories, forwarding, and recording services


Credit repair services


Binary options


Personal loans


Learn more about the enforcement procedures for repeat violations. Please note that this update does not impact the account suspension procedures for egregious Google Ads policy violations.


Thank you for your cooperation.




The Google Ads Team

Notice that one of the industries listed is “Credit repair services” and another is “Personal loans”.  These are two of the most popular “non-Bankruptcy” options that most people consider.  Many people don't want to consider the possibility of a Bankruptcy.  That is totally understandable…nobody wants to be in Bankruptcy, but that often causes people to unrealistically place their financial future in the hands of companies that are either fraudulent or predatory in nature.  Google has picked up on this.  In fact, the term “Bankruptcy” is also being flagged by Google, even though we have Federal “Bankruptcy” Courts that enforce “Bankruptcy” law, but because companies that offer “Credit repair services” or “Personal loans” as an “alternative to Bankruptcy” are taking advantage of a lot of people.

The main point here is to do your research.  Read honest and real customer reviews.  In our Bankruptcy practice, we see a lot of people who pay thousands of dollars to “credit repair agencies” and still need to file for Bankruptcy.  Similarly, we also see people who get into high interest “personal loans” in order to “consolidate” their debt, only to realize that they have not improved their financial position.

As always, be a good careful consumer.  There is no reason not to consult with a Bankruptcy attorney in addition to your non-Bankruptcy option research.  You deserve to have the maximum amount of knowledge before making any serious financial decision.

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My name is Brian and I have been a practicing attorney in Bankruptcy for over 20 years helping thousands of clients.  I have worked for the Chief Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington, as well as several small boutique Bankruptcy law firms handling Bankruptcy cases in Washington State and the State of California.  I have litigated for and against major banks, and I have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients in my career.


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