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A small amount of planning will give you and your family peace of mind.

Estate planning is often confusing and stressful.  An experienced attorney can navigate you through your options and help you decide whether you need a relatively simple estate plan or a complex strategy depending on your assets and your end of life wishes.  From simple wills and powers of attorney to complex revocable living trusts, we can help you decide what is right for you.  We do not pressure you into an estate plan that goes beyond your needs.  We offer you flexible and convenient options for coming back to update your estate plan as your needs change over time.  A little bit of planning ahead of time can spare your family a lot of stress during an already difficult time.  You have spent a lifetime being responsible to your family and loved ones; make this final act be one that offers your family comfort in keeping with your final wishes.

Our Will package is simple. Let us eliminate the stress of dealing with the probate process.

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Unexpected job loss? Increasing medical bills? Are you falling behind on your mortgage payments but want to keep your home? Using your credit cards to buy groceries? We understand the stress that financial hardships can cause to you, and the confusion about choosing the right solution.

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