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You will not find a better value.

Glad I was able to find them! They both made a very stressful situation manageable. They reached out to me right away from the start and got back to me quickly when I had questions along the way. Best part is it's actually either Diem or Brian reaching out and not an assistant or another lawyer (hallelujah). Diem also called me the day before to prep before the court date to go over how things will work (with it being a virtual court), what to expect, and what I need to have ready. What stood out to me the most is when I had my initial consultation Brian he went over my debt/spending/income/etc. in great detail to calculate if it would make more sense to try and pay everything off or file. Initially, he looked at everything and said I could potential pay things off in x amount of time because I spaced and forgot about a few other debts. Never had a lawyer do that before. I went to a few different law offices over the last year and always felt like I was being pushed into filing. THIS WAS DIFFERENT and you will not find a better value. They completely and thoroughly break the price down to even the cost of the classes you have to take. They talk about the costs of a bankruptcy as a whole and not just their fee vs. the other fees that go into the process. They are very compassionate and knowledgeable! Side note: I'm a major procrastinator and Diem was really on top of me to get all the things done that I needed to do. I would not have been able to go through this without them.

– Jane K.

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Are creditors calling you? Is there an unexpected job loss? Increasing medical bills? Are you using your credit cards to buy groceries and cannot afford to pay the minimum? We understand the stress that financial hardships can cause to you, and the confusion about choosing the right solution. As experienced Bankruptcy attorneys, Brian and Diem Hallaq can help you regain control over your finances. We help clients who want to file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petitions.

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