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Aside from being kind and understanding, both Brian and Diem were incredibly helpful in thoroughly explaining the entire process, as well as answering any questions that I had. They were quick and efficient, and had all of our documents ready ahead of time in preparation for my court hearing. I was nervous about losing my vehicles in the process, one which had been recently paid off, but I was able to keep both much to my relief. The decision to file for bankruptcy has been a tough and emotional one, and Hallaq Law has made it such an easy and smooth process and reassured me the entire way through. Thank you Brian and Diem!

– Dina B.

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Unexpected job loss? Increasing medical bills? Are you falling behind on your mortgage payments but want to keep your home? Using your credit cards to buy groceries? We understand the stress that financial hardships can cause to you, and the confusion about choosing the right solution.

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