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Diem Hallaq

Hi!  My name is Diem Hallaq, and I originally hail from Milwaukee, WI.  People often ask me what is the proudest achievement of my life and are often surprised at my answer.  It is neither the day I graduated from law school nor is it the day I passed the Washington state bar exam.  It's not even that I accomplished my educational goal having come from a Vietnamese immigrant divorced mother who was a refugee of war.  My mother owned a grocery store in Milwaukee, any my sister and I spent our childhood at that store.  We worked there every day after school and on the weekends.  We never had birthdays or holidays off.  We worked 365 days of the year until I was 13 years old.  We were often the target of burglaries and armed robberies.  At the age of 13, my mother moved us to Seattle, Washington.

My proudest achievement was the birth of my son at the age of 20.  People looked at me and judged me.  I had to defy societal norms that said I had the deck stacked against me as a young single mother.  What other people saw as weaknesses fueled a superpower inside of me.  I had my faith, and God had instilled an ironclad sense of fortitude in me.  He was my shield and my armor.  Overcoming challenges and having less options in life forced me to be more resourceful, develop a deeper faith, be tenacious, have a sense of humor, and most importantly, it taught me to be humble.  Based on my life experiences, almost every day was a struggle and I innately understood how everything could be taken away over night.   I share part of my story here because it is important for me to build relationships with the people I help as a bankruptcy practitioner.  I understand the everyday financial struggle that Americans go through and the domino affect it has on their family.  I am an Asian American female, first generation American, first to graduate college, Mother of 1, a proud Christian, and I want to continue to empower my clients to take steps in achieving their own financial freedom. 


Seattle University School of Law – Juris Doctor 2001-2004
Seattle University – Bachelor of Arts (English) 2000


Associate Attorney 2012 - 2014
Advantage Legal Group, Bellevue

  • Worked with Debtors to analyze and determine eligibility for filing Bankruptcy.
  • Researched potential relevant legal and factual issues.
  • Performed case management in Bankruptcy Court.

Associate Attorney 2010 - 2012
Macey Bankruptcy Law, Seattle

  • Worked on both debtor cases in Ch. 7 and Ch. 13
  • Filed over 100 Bankruptcy cases.
  • Among the area's largest number of Bankruptcy filings of any Bankruptcy firm.
  • Ranked #1 in client retention for three consecutive quarters.

Contract Attorney 2007 - 2010
Le & Associates, Renton

  • Drafted discovery and discovery responses for cases in PI and general civil litigation.
  • Investigated and researched liability issues and interviewed potential witnesses.
  • Reviewed medical records, drafted demand letters, and conducted arbitration.
  • Drafted and argued motions in District Court and Superior Court.

Extra Hire Attorney 2006
Department of Assigned Counsel, Tacoma

  • Represented criminal defendants at pre-trial conferences and all preliminary court appearances.
  • Drafted and argued motions in Municipal and District Court.
  • Conducted client interviews in jail.
  • Interfaced with prosecutors and investigators in an effort to seek resolution.
  • Conducted in jail arraignment.
  • First chair in trials.